Intelligent Logistics

Lidar is applied to the detection of gap areas in three-dimensional warehouses, the safe operation of shuttle vehicles, personnel collision prevention, and tray damage detection.

1. Assist unmanned transport vehicles in avoiding obstacles

Unmanned transport vehicles equipped with LiDAR can detect obstacles on the road. When obstacles such as pedestrians and cars appear in front of them, they can remind the transport vehicle to slow down and stop to prevent accidents.

2. Can achieve short distance collision avoidance

The LiDAR installed on the AGV can measure the distance between adjacent AGVs in real-time, and automatically stop moving when the distance between two vehicles is detected to be too short.

3. Capable of sorting and placing containers

Lidar can detect and sort containers, and assist in accurately placing them on transport vehicles.

4. Realizable identification of target objects

With the help of LiDAR, logistics mobile robots, and AGVs, precise detection of objects to be transported and material stacking can be achieved during the material handling process.