Intelligent Transportation

The automatic vehicle detection system based on LiDAR detectors can measure the high-speed, contour, and vehicle type of vehicles, and can be widely used for the protection of high-speed railway bridges above highways, national roads, provincial roads, and other areas with limited requirements such as viaducts, culverts, and tunnels in urban areas. At the same time, LiDAR can achieve applications such as railway rockfall prevention, slope protection, and platform boarding and landing.

1. Vehicle height detection system

When a vehicle passes through an elevated bridge, the actual height of the vehicle is measured using a LiDAR detector, combined with a vehicle size display screen and GPS communication module. The information is uploaded to the dispatch center, and the owner and ground monitoring personnel are notified simultaneously. This can greatly reduce manual measurement labor intensity and measurement errors.

2. Vehicle contour detection system

In front of various types of height restricted road sections, laser radar contour detectors are installed to monitor the appearance and size of passing vehicles in real time. Equipped with a display screen and GPS module, they prompt the height, model, and height limit of passing vehicles. At the same time, data is uploaded to the dispatch center. Once violations are found, personnel are immediately dispatched to dispose of them, or a safety interception system is used. In addition, the monitoring system can be combined to take photos and archive.

3. Vehicle type detection system

The use of LiDAR detectors can obtain real-time vehicle models passing by, providing a basis for whether vehicles can pass through the road.